Trailer novo de Arquivo X- INGLES- Spoilers - tem mais cenas e diálogos e vai passar antes do filme Fim dos Tempos em 13 de junho. Corram antes que a Fox tire do ar.

Father Joe: I saw a vision.
I see a face of a girl.
I hear the dog barking.
They are there.
Agent (female): I called u because i believed in your belief to this phenomena.
I am not the most popular agent in the bureau right now.
Agent (male): Father Joe says that this is a paranormal phenomenon.
Father Joe: Do you believe in these kind of things.
Mulder: I want to believe.
Father Joe(?): Don‘t give up
Mulder: Do you see them.
Father Joe: I see the eyes.
My visions are from god.
Scully: Maybe it‘s not from god.
Mulder: What do u see?
Father Joe?
Scully: I‘m not going to run after the monsters in the dark anymore.
Father Joe: It‘s here
Mulder: I need you help.
Father Joe: It‘s here
It‘s here