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T.Y.M.: THE SECOND CHANCE: Jennifer Love Hewitt will be Brendan Fraser’s partner in this sequel. Both, we’ll have to face an evil entity decided to control human race. Love Hewitt had not worked for CMP since the megahit ‘The Mogulers’.

STAR WARS: NEW ORDER: Well, there it is. Steven Spielberg could not say no to George Lucas. And, after working with him in ‘Dr. Jones and the Sword of Faith’, it is rumoured that Daniel Crag will remain in Spielberg’s team for this one, playing again the villain of the story.

WESTWORLD: David Duchovny will be the visitor of the amusement park ‘Westworld’. And he will not only meet the clone of Lara Croft / Angelina Jolie there but also other famous movie characters that director and producer Michael Bay has not revealed yet.http://mogulmovies.blogspot.com/2007...-styx-and.html

edited to say that i just looked and

It is up at the IMDb although no actors named

By Devin Faraci
Contributing sources: Variety

The remake of Westworld is back on track, after being shelved for a number of years due to Arnold Schwarzenegger's political career. The film will now be directed by Tarsem, a guy who I believe has been in director jail since he put Vincent D'Onofrio in fetishwear for The Cell.

The story is about a futuristic theme park, where futuristic people go to pretend it's the Old West. The Old West of the park is inhabited by robots, who are programmed to get into fights at saloons and get plugged by the guests. But since this is a Michael Crichton story, something goes wrong with the park and one of the robots turns into a homicidal King of Siam.

The original Westworld was really notable for Richard Benjamin, the schmuck who pisses off the maniac bot. This was Benjamin's last major role pretty much ever, unless you're counting Saturday the 14th, and you know that I am.

Arnie wasn't going to play the Yul Brynner killer android role, by the way. He was going to play James Brolin, although I doubt he could have ever bagged Streisand. The film will go on without him, perhaps starring someone who can actually act or govern.
We have a plaque in the Londonist office that simply says Don't Fuck With Yul Brynner. Words to live by we believe. We should mail it to the morons who are intent on remaking Westworld. Just because Michael Crichton keeps recycling the same story doesn't mean we need or want a new improved version. We had hoped this idea had died once Schwarzenegger stopped acting as he was the one signed up for the remake many moons ago. God only knows who they'll cast in this now.

Q.Hey Clint, Any word on producer Jerry Weintraubs' “Westworld” remake and who might star? Last word on the project was that director Tarsem Singh had signed on and was developing it. There was mention Schwarzenegger could still be looked at but who knows.
-AB King
A. You have AB negative blood. That’s pretty rare. That’s from Van the man’s “Death Warrant”. You’re a great guy AB…. thanks for your mail, the past couple of weeks. Don’t bank on The Oak – sorry! - being in this flick. I heard Nic Cage, Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson’s name being banded about. “T4” I reckon so, but not “Westworld”. He still has a huge amount of projects on his bicep of a shelf. Who knows, we may even see Will Smith as he seems to be collecting former Arnie stuff too.


Story of a robotic Old West gunman programmed to be slain by tourists. When the robots circuits go awry, he begins to stalk the visitors.
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