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DVD- as criticas continuam excelentes!!!

DVD- even more perceptive when showing Duchovny's dismay at watching

DVD Review: The TV Set- Betty Wong

A quality film which may be a bit too inaccessible for some - but a quality film none-the-less.

DVD A deadpan David Duchovny and a "flat-out fabulous" (Rolling Stone)

Lançamento do DVD nos US será em 25/09

DVD será lançado em 25 de setembro nos EUA.

A cleverly cutting critiqueWriting and acting sparkle in hilarious inspection of the emptiness of commercial television, particularly sitcoms

A rather aimless satire of the television industry,

I’m a big fan of watching the entertainment industry turn its lens on itself. While there are certainly a lot of us who criticize the industry – for good or for bad – the truth is nobody knows the way entertainment works than those who have to fight their

Kill Your Television

a new independent film starring David Duchovny

David Duchovny stars in The TV Set

The TV Set Is Bittersweet Comedy By Mark Davey


4 estrelas de 5-FELICIA FEASTER Stars David Duchovny, Sigourney Weaver

*** out of four stars.

7 out of 10

BOX Office

Duchovny--leaving his iconic Fox Mulder (The X-Files) far behind--shines in an understated

Working with David Duchovny: “He was wonderful,” offered Weaver

B+ Harvey S. Karten Compuserve

Filmes a serem vistos no verão americano- The TV SET e o novo filme da Téa Leoni estão na lista. Thing we Lost in the Fire está muito bem cotado também.

Daily Variety BO

'TV Set' a satire that hits its mark Mr. Duchovny and Miss Weaver (who are both hilarious without seeming to try

This is the Woody Allen role Duchovny never got to do, but should have.

4 estrelasReminding us of his gifts as a comic actor, David Duchovny plays a writer/producer

David Duchovny continues to prove that he is one of the most underrated actors around in an incredibly subdued and subtle performance as Mike

TV-type Comedy About TV Pilots Duchovny is suitably stressed, bewildered, and torn between his art and his familial responsibilities.

MTV Duchovny still has a sweet, tousled charm that's difficult to resist .He's a big-screen talent.

Parody of TV industry plays like a so-so sitcomBy Steven ReaAnd Duchovny, stooped and angst-y, is likable, even as we watch his character abandon whatever dignity and artistic integrity he had.

SF Chronicle POLITE APPLAUSEPlaying against type, Duchovny is convincing as a sad sack, and kudos to the costume

Special to The Seattle Times

Grade: B Boston Herald Film Critic

3.5 *** out of 4 In another of the movie's small surprises, David Duchovny plays Mike Klein

David Duchovny proved that the deadpan, comedic timing he sometimes showed in the "X-Files" was no fluke. Paul Chavez Associated Press

Rolling Stone RS: 3 of 4 Stars

Pilot season satire's lack of ambition may be its saving grace

The New Yorker

Cinematical - The TV Set ultimately succeeds in showing us just how real the fake world of television truly is.

My husband and I went to see The TV Set last night The movie was funny and smart

TV Reviews from The Audience

MSNBC David Duchovny proves he can actually make a good movie with “The TV Set.”

Tube BoobsA brilliant sendup of the television industry.

3 stars from the Newark Star-Ledger

Tale from the boob tube***1/2 Box-office

The New York Sun

N.Y. Daily News ~ 3 of 4 stars

Orange County follows the dream-turned-nightmare of television writer Mike Klein (David Duchovny

3.5 stars (out of 4) MAXIM Pete Hammond

Dailynews 3 out of 4 stars 'The TV Set' is totally tuned in

The NY Times By A. O. SCOTT


USA Today Mike Klein (sharply played by David Duchovny

Times Staff Writer- David Duchovny is a writer who hopes to get his idea turned into a series. First, there's a minefield to get through.

Newsday - 'The TV Set' is tuned in to network satire 3 1/2 stars

Catholic News Service By Harry Forbes is small in scope, and its insider view may appeal most to those in the industry, but nonetheless it registers as a sharply perceptive gem.

People 3 stars out of 4 Duchovny, dryly amusing

Entertainment Weekly Grade: A-

A farce in the vein of Network ***1/2 stars out of 4

Columbia (University in NYC) Daily Spectatorany vestigial secret agent glamour concealed behind a schlemiel personality and a full growth of beard

Excellent (3.5 stars) EUR FILM REVIEW: The TV Set The TV Set is a hidden gem

AP ASS0CIATES **** estrelasFilm Review: Turn on hilarious`TV Set' By CHRISTY LEMIRE, AP Movie CriticWed Apr 4, 4:53 PM ET

Time Out New York -Mike, a TV writer-director (the ever-likable Duchovny)

Rex Reed, NY Observer The style of his film is comedy, but even when it’s laugh-out-loud funny, it’s believable.

Village Voice

LA Times' The TV Set' and 'Extras' focuses on the soul-sucking weirdness of corporate-manufactured entertainment. =played by a perfectly understated David Duchovny

Californication: Jake Kasdan's "The TV Set"

Box Office nos EUA

industry satire starring David Duchovny as a neurotic series creator beset by various enemies of his creative vision

Rottem Tomatos 3.5 stars

4 stars

blog com o trailer

David Duchovny plays the creator of a TV pilot


Will amuse fans of 30 Rock Premiere Magazine Blurb

Local Film Fest Kicks Off

If the movie is anywhere near as great as the trailer...

Hollywood Reporter -An excellent cast, including a pitch-perfect Sigourney Weaver as a rapacious network president and David Duchovny as a beleaguered writer


East Lansing Film Festival

Setting the scene for The TV Set- grandes eleogios ao David

4 estrelas

April, it’s all about welcoming back familiar faces

Bill Muller The Arizona Republic * * * 1/2

Festival de Sedona David Duchovny and Sigourney Weaver star in The TV Set, a satire about making a pilot

6 de abril

THINK and Killer to Partner

Filmmakers Symposium screens films 26/02


Ioan Gruffudd fala de David em The Tv Set

Critica do Festival

David Duchovny and welcome to Moviefone Unscripted. I'm here with Ioan Gruffudd.

TV Set at Santa Barbara Film Festival

About THINKFilm -a distribuidora de Tv Set

Palm Springs International Film Festival

ThinkFilm Tunes Into TV Set

Aint it cool - The Tv Set está altamente recomendado.

My Movie-Strong performances from David Duchovny, Sigourney Weaver, and other less famous people

The working chair-It's clever as all hell, and most of the time very, very funny

Filmthreat- "The TV Set" was really great! It stars David Duchovny as a TV writer and the whole movie is about his newest series navigating pilot season.

Daily Variety- Capitol Films, da Inglaterra, comprou a ThinkFilm

The Hollywood Reporter- The Tv Set comprado!!!

Noticias da compra dos direitos de The TV SET-

Thinkfilms compra os direitos de exibição nos US

Efilmcritic-Duchovny finalmente interpreta um personagem com personalidade e ele é espetacular.

Os criticos gostaram do roteiro de The Tv Set

Critica do Ain´t It cool- Altamente recomendado

Austin critic gives The TV Set an A- Duchovny brilha!

"The TV Set" revolves around a TV writer/producer (David Duchovny), who is desperately trying to get his pilot on the air of a Fox-like network that mostly puts on reality crap.

Entrevista com Jake Kasdan, o diretor do filme que abriu o Festival de Austin

Lucy Davis

LOS ANGELES TIMES- critica (muit boa)

The Hollywood Reporter - artigos sobre Sigourney Weaver com menção de David.

Tribeca Fest at Five- longo artigo sobre o Festival de Tribeca NY

Cinema Blend

Tribeca names films


NEW YORK TIMES: Where does bad television come from?By DAVID CARR

The weekend's big ticket was The TV Set

Crítica de The Tv Set dentro de um artigo sobre CHER, By Roger Friedman

NEW YORK TIMES The Movies That Ate Manhattan: A User's Guide to the TriBeCa Film Festival

The Tv Set estréia no Festival de Tribeca em 28 de abril

Assista ao video de 'The TV Set' no ET.

"Esta foi uma das melhores experiências que eu tive como ator".

O ator Ioan Gruffudd é co-star de David em The TV Set

Créditos na Produção(oficial) e Trechos do Roteiro

UK Entertainment Tonight Assista o vídeo

Lucy Davis foi adicionada ao elenco. Ela chama ele de David Do-shag-me

Repercurssão mundial do inicio das filmagens de The Tv Set


ARTIGOS-Ioan Gruffudd estrelará junto com David e Sigourney Weaver em The Tv Set

JANE ADAMS - Co-star de David em The Tv Set