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Critica do DVD- Vail, Colorado

Maravilhoso artigo sobre a verdadeira House of D

Excelentes Vendas/aluguel do DVD de House of D.


Avisos do lançamento do DVD (area 1)-People, Oprah Magazine

Monologo do inicio do filme.

New York Observer Rex Reed (traduzido pela equipe e pela Scan)



Beacon Journal -Ohio -X-Files' Duchovny proves to be delightful director with new film

Aint-it-cool (Traduzido)


Flickfilosopher.the emotion is honest - performances all around are so wonderful and so heartfelt

house of D dá uma olhada honesta e bem-humorada na adolescência

FESTIVAL OF VAIL Traduzido pela poderosa Scan- (Obrigado Scan).

FILM CRITIC - Duchovny has created a literate film, as we knew someone of his assumed intellect could.

JEFF FARANCE- The film manages to be both wistful and hopeful at the same time, with solid performances all around.

Philadelphia Inquirer -The poignant scenes between Yelchin and the younger Williams are lovely, relaxed and naturalistic.

NC TIMES -House of D" has evolved as a decently crafted, universal story of growing up imperfectly

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The wave magazine - Três estrelas de quatro.

PACE PRESS- Jornal da Universidade Pace-NY GRADE A

Emily Blunt - *** Três estrelas de quatro

HOUSE OF D Rites of passage eventful in NYC ode 'House of D' "B" By Andrew O'Hehir

***1/2 'House of D' worthy of coming-of-age genre -Leoni hits a spectrum of emotions in a limited number of scenes.

Duchovny shows potential as a director

Film Journal International-Duchovny obviously does have the talent to become an outstanding director.

** Não é só no Brasil que Reflexos da Amizade faz sucesso na Tv. Nos US também.

Reflexos da Amizade, aqui como lá, não deixa de passar na TV todos os meses.

sweet coming-of-age drama

House of D lançado na Republica Tcheca Unforgettable childhood-- Infância Inesquecível

I TiVo'd *House of D* thinking that I just might not like it


Fevereiro de 2007 e Reflexos da Amizade ainda está fazendo sucesso no Showtime.

Otima opinião do filme

Excelente opinião do filme- espanhol/ingles

Mais elogios para Reflexos da Amizade

Eilat International Film Festival- Reflexos da Amizade em Israel

House of D foi lançado em DVD na Europa.

TEN Movies - United Arab Emirates- o critico amou Reflexos da Amizade

Lista de endereços das locações em NY

United arab Emirates- excelente critica do filme

Há um ano atrás Reflexos da Amizade estréiava no Festival de Vail.

House of D ira estrear na Direct TV (USA) em 18 de novembro no Pay per view.

Os créditos de House of D

Artigo interessante sobre House of D

Film Stew - Duchovny does a wonderful job of evoking the film's era.

CNS- Duchovny shows another facet of his talent, as the triple-threat writer, director and star of "House of D"

Box Office -Duchovny as a capable writer and director with a promising career outside of the X-files milieu.

The Miami Herald- And the critic says, not bad, not bad at all ** ½

Duchovny is on the right road — anybody who makes a movie about kids, Greenwich Village and Paris has good taste

Phila Film Festival - Ann Yarabinee

411- Years from now House of D will be seen as a training camp for a new crop of art house stars.

FilmForce...Jeff Otto (3 of 5 stars)

CHUD - 8.1 de 10

Village Voice

the Flick Chicks

Critica do Screendaily

It is Leoni, however, whose emotionally charged scenes, steal the show.

San Francisco Chronicle

Christian Science Monitor.

Reel in reviews.


New York Times

Peter Travers

Soundtracks for House of D (2004)


Roger Ebert